Why MIM?The trend to even smaller and more precise but at the same time high-tensile components in various industries requires new innovative manufacturing technologies. The metal injection moulding technology offers new design flexibility for constructing and designing engineers.

Especially efficient is MIM for complex metal components which cannot – or just with high effort- be produced by conventional manufacturing technologies like press sintering, precision casting or chipping.

The big advantage of the MIM-technology is the totally free geometrical configuration. MIM allows like no other technology the near-net-shape production of even most complex metal components in medium as well as large number of pieces. Undercuts, cross-holes, inside and external threads as well as gearings can be realised already in the injection moulding tool, just like surface structures or markings.

MIM components have almost the same mechanical and metallurgical characteristics as conventionally produced metal parts. Therefore there are comparable conditions for later functional stress and further processing.