Magnetic trough (for switch)

Material: Fe (pure Iron)
Weight 49 g
60.4 x 34 x 13.8 mm



Hammer (weaponry)

material: FeNi7
weight 25 g
10 x 30 x 30 mm 



Nut core

(automotive, steering column)
material: FeNi7
weight 23 g
diameter: 18 mm, height 26 mm 



Clip for ball pen

material: FeNi7
weight: 3.8 g
45 x 4.9 x 14 mm



Foot clamp from shape-memory alloy

Simple part for demonstration of the feasibility to produce MIM parts from shape-memory alloys (sensitivity to impurities of oxygen and carbon

Weight 1 g
Approx. 13 x 20 mm

Used for clamping fractures in the toe bone utilizing the shape memory effect to apply pressure to the fracture and facilitate proper healing



Artificial heart valve consisting of heart valve ring and three cusps.

weight: 2.3 g (ring 1.25 g, each cusp 0.35 g)
diameter: 23 mm
material: Ti Al6 Nb7
aortal valve prosthetic



Double threaded screw with cannulas

weight: 1.05 g
length: 41 mm
material: Ti Al6 Nb7
setting of fragmented bone pieces in fractures of the vertebrae of the cervical spine



Tensile test piece according to DIN ISO 2740

weight: 8.6 g (Ti)
length: approx. 80 mm depending on feedstock
material: 316 L, Ti, Ti Al6 V4 oder Ti Al 6 Nb7
for determining mechanical properties of MIM materials



watch case

weight: 25 g
material: 316 L



Spring hinge "Tag Heuer"

Spectacle industry
Weight: 1.2 g
length: 16.5 mm
Material: 316 L